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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

From the mouth of the middle school principle

Well, today I reluctantly took Jake to the middle school to register. I pretty much had to until we figure out what we are doing with him. It was a stressful day for me.The parents went in a room and listened to the principle and assistant principle talk for an hour, (which proved to be very interesting with my other three little ones there but anyway....) The kids all went in a different room to get their schedules and find their lockers etc....Here are some of the things that I wrote down that the principle said ~Remember, this is middle school."
You brought them into the world, take care of them- even good kids make bad mistakes."
"Parties become more boy/girl, make sure it's a supervised party, kids are exploring in these grades, make sure you know what you are sending your son/daugther to"
" Stay involved in their life, be nosy, these are the years they start "dabbling" with alcohol, smoking and such" such???( He said that twice during the talk)
He also talked about the school dances, and that no "grinding" is aloud at the dances. GRINDING!! This is 7th grade. Wow, what a great introduction I had to middle school. I felt sick to my stomach when I left that school today. :( It's JUST the place I want to send my Christian 12 yr old son to try and hold his own and not give in to any of these pressures. NOT.

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