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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My scar

I wanted to share something that my sweet friend Nora wrote for me. I think in the past I would have been self conscience about a scar on my neck the size of the one I have, but  I won't be with this one.  I will look at that scar as testimony of God's love forever.
This cancer has forever changed me as a person and has really made me realize what a gift life is.
Thank you Nora for writing this for me. :)

I love my scar….Why I love my scar..

it reminds me that I am alive, that I am healed, that I am loved

When I look in the mirror it tells me that I am beautiful, I am a princess of the most High

God. I am His child and I am special in His eyes and He took care of me.

I love my scar because it reminds me that I have a loving husband who would do

anything for me. A husband who suffered in silence while I was in pain. A husband

who cried with me and for me during my times of trouble. My scar reminds me that my

husband looks at my scar and thanks God I am alive and well and still here for him.

It reminds me I got a second chance at life and I can take sons to ball games and play

house with girls

My scar reminds me that God can handle all things

It reminds me I am healed, My scar is a reminder for me to take care of myself and not

take my life for granted, but to cherish every moment as a special one.

My scar reminds me I can breathe, and swallow and chew and taste all the food and

candy and ice cream I want. I can talk and laugh and cry. I can hug my husband and

kiss my children and tell them with my tongue and mouth how love I love them.

Oh how I wish I could lend my scars to those who complain because it is raining, or

cold, or dark, if they only had a scar they would know…..

They would know that life is a gift, given by God and it is what we do with it and how we

react to it that will make all the difference. Every moment is a Blessing and we spend

too much time complaining.

My scar is a part of me now, and it helps me see life as I should have seen it so long

ago, to be content in any situation, to trust God for He knows what He is doing, to be

grateful of so many blessings and above all to put everything in God’s hands, for He will

take care of them.

My scar is visible and when I smile it smiles with me. I love my scar, I love my life, I love

my children, I love my husband, I love God. I love my scar.

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