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Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I could use some prayers for God to be very specific with us on where he wants our children this year. Because last year was hard for me to be the homeschooling mom/teacher, and I didn't feel I was doing an adequate job being a teacher, I considered sending my kids to a Christian school. We toured the school, talked to the principle and teachers, and honestly felt a real peace at the school. We haven't come to a decision, and today I emailed my husband and mentioned that we need to decide sooner or later.
He sent me back an email, it was a link to my blog from two years ago.

It makes me sad reading it. But also makes me think. Do I really want to send my children to school? Have I really given this enough thought? Did I lose my focus on why I wanted them home in the first place 2 years ago?
After reading that blog, I think, maybe I need to rethink this. Rewind to why I wanted to home school in the first place. Did I ever really think it would be easy?  Did I do it because I thought it would be easy, or for deeper reasons? What changed? It got too hard? They don't listen to me? I'm not a disciplined enough mommy to be a teacher, yeah, they are all valid excuses. But are they good enough reasons not to home school?
I could use a few prayers for God to speak to my heart about this issue.
Thanks all.

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