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Friday, December 11, 2009

God speaks to me

Holy man I have abandoned my blog! lol. I was thinking about it the other day and thought, I really should be using that blog, even if it's to simple write how things are going in my life.
Well this morning God gave me reason to get off the chair and log on.
Alot of mornings when I go to read the bible, I forget to ask him to open my eyes, to give me wisdom, to speak to me. This morning I was reminded by a dear friend, to ask God about something that was going on in my life. So I prayed please teach me this morning as I read your word. He did.

I love it when God speaks to me. Some days his voice is quiet and I can't always hear him, or it's so faint I try to ignore it. But this morning I asked, and he obliged.

I was reading in Luke 2 this morning. A page I marked yesterday, (So he obviously had this all planned out, isn't he amazing?)
Here's what he told me~Sometimes we think (or know) we are being obedient to the Lord in something he's asking us to do but it's painful. We face discomfort going through the "being obedient" part and we don't like it. So we think that we have misread God's will or God has made a mistake. But when we do God's will, we are not guaranteed comfort and convenience. But we are promised that the comfort and inconvenience has meaning in God's plan, and we should just keep obeying, living in faith that God is in charge. There's a reason we are going through what we are and we will probably understand it someday.
It spoke to me today. I needed it, and I will just keep on obeying, even though it kinda stinks. lol.

The other thing was that we should not "limit" God.
I was reading about Jesus birth, and how the Jews expected the Messiah to be born in royal surroundings, not a dark, dirty stable. But that was God's plan all along to bring Jesus into our world in a humble way. Sometimes we expect him to do things a certain way, but he does it differently. In a way we wouldn't have expected. But he's God after all, why we he do things the way we expect him to? :)

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