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Monday, June 6, 2011

Sweet gifts

I just love spring, I honestly don't know why I stay living in Wisconsin. lol. I thrive off the warm weather.
I've been able to get back to my morning walks lately, It's just so much easier to get up and go for a walk when the sun is out and it's warm!! I really enjoy my walks in the morning.

The other day the dogs and I were heading up towards the front of the subdivision and the sun was just shining so bright already at 5:45am. Walking toward it, I could just feel the warmth of it on my face and just felt peace. I just thought in my head, " I just love the sun!! I just feel drawn to it, it makes me feel warm and good and content, just a peaceful comfortable feeling, and just as I had that thought, Jesus popped into my head. Jesus the SON, the light of the world. He brings me that same feeling! The feelings of peace, comfort, warmth, contentment. When I spend time with him, that's how I feel.

I had to laugh that morning at God, had he been walking with me in bodily form I probably would have gave him a punch in the arm. That's how God works sometimes. He wanted me to feel exactly what I felt that morning, enjoying the sun, and then he put that thought in my head, "Hey, the sun is just like ME!" "Hey Amy, what a coincidence that you feel warm and peaceful and happy from the son!" hee hee. I love God's sense of humor sometimes. So sweet.

This morning the dogs and I set out for our walk to some dark skies. Honestly this morning I was debating do I go or take a break today and just listen to a sermon and spend more time with God, I had my shoes on, then untied them, then thought, no I'll go and retied them. We didn't have a very long walk before it started to rain. But God accomplished what he wanted this morning. We walked to where we usually turn around and when I turned around, I looked up in the sky and what was there? A HUGE beautiful rainbow. I think I stopped breathing for a second. I just stood there in the road looking up and thanking God for that little gift he sent me this morning. He gave me the thought to "just go" for a walk, so he could show me his beauty and you know what the tops it all off is? My devotional this morning, I read it by the date, so for June 6th it says this~

"Seek my face, and you will find fulfillment of your deepest longings. My world is filled with beautiful things, they are meant to be pointers to ME, reminders of my abiding presence. The earth still declares my glory to those who have eyes that see and ears that hear."

He spoke through the sun, the rainbow, and my devotional, What an amazing God we have. I love when he orchestrates things like that. He's so involved in the little things if you just look for him. :)

The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.

Psalm 19:1

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