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Friday, August 19, 2011

Some hope I needed today.

Oh, I just have to share this, it touched me so much. I have been struggling with pain in my neck and stupid fears the last week or so that got worse the past few days.  Even in my devotions, I have been struggling with fear about the devotions. I know, ridiculous. Stupid  Satan.
I get a blog delivered to my email daily, which led me to another blog today. One I have never heard of, but of course will now be a follower of that one too. (Like I have time to be reading all these blogs, lol)

I was paging through this blog and hit the button on Homeschool to see what she had to say about that. Well I just got hit in the face with one of God's blessings. One of his healings, and a story that brought me right to tears of joy.
Here's the link.

I was pleasantly surprised at the end to find out that her mother was still living to see her grand kids. All I could say at the end of that posting was PRAISE GOD. Thank you Jesus. I so needed a post like that today to give me hope, that just because I had cancer does not mean I'll die in two years like my mom did. That there is a chance I could still be around to see my children have babies.
I love how God led me to find that blog post today. What a blessing.  :)
God is so good. This afternoon I emailed my "mom" and asked her for prayer for my fears.  Here God is answering prayers already. 

I have to just share the posts that took me there.......

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