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Worth it
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Friday, September 30, 2011

The Mayo visit

This is Doctor Moore checking my neck for lumps. Thankfully, none there! :)

Funny we both have the same look on our face. This was our discussion about when I come back and what happens then.
He's letting me skip my Dec appt with him, and see my ENT in town for that visit, although, now that I asked for that, I think I will actually miss seeing Dr. Moore! lol.  We decided I will come back in March to Mayo and have my 2 yr PET scan three months early.  I'm glad I'm having a PET again, but of course, those always worry me!  I'll just be praying and trusting God that it's a good NED scan!

The last picture, I asked for, and he so graciously said sure!   It's funny, when I first met this man, he was all business, not personable at all, just looked at my PET told me what he could do for me and that was it. But the more visits I have, the sweeter he gets and I can tell he really does care about his patients.
I thank God for this man, someone so devoted to caring for other people's lives. 
and I thank God for healing me through Mr. Moore.


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