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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Catching up......

I haven't had a chance to post since Tuesday I think. Wed was an interesting day worth noting a few things so I have to backtrack and try to remember everything I wanted to post about.
One thing that sticks out was I took Benjamin and Gracie to the library for something to do, (and Ben wanted some Caillou moives). Looking back now,I think I was really brave (stupid) when I took that trip because Ben is potty training and I took him there without a diaper, in underwear, and no extra's in the van, (not even thinking about it!) but the funny thing is, Ben did fine. He even used the potty at the library, but Gracie on the other hand did not fair so well! Grace has a quirky habit of walking around with her hand shoved in the back of her diaper. I have no idea why she does this, but she does. When she poops, she will come up to me and say "Butt!" lol. So we are at the library and she comes up to me and says, "Butt!" and holds her hand in the air for me to see. Of course, it's full of poop! I have nothing in my purse but kleenex! So a trip to the bathroom to wash her disgusting hands and then we had to leave. How Ironic, not the one that's being potty trained makes the mess with poop. I just thought that was something funny I want to remember and read later on.
Wed night was the Freeway at church (something Jake attends, and I am a volunteer youth leader for). Pastor Josh just amazes me week after week. This week was the last week of the series "Exposed! The naked truth about sex" I have to say, I wish I would have had a Pastor Josh in my life when I was entering my teen years. He is teaching the kids BEFORE they have to deal with all the pressures what the bible expects about sex,marriage,dating and he does just a fantastic job. He has such a way of speaking to the middle school age kids that they understand him. Being there is so helpful to me as a parent too because it helps ME to know what God expects from Jake, and helps me to explain things to Jake also. This past week he basically summed it up for the kids that they really shouldn't date at all. Why? Because Sexual PURITY should be a goal for these kids. To wait till they are married to open the gift of sex. He said kids ask him all the time at church, "How far is too far?" He said basically, kissing is too far, because kissing ignites other hormones in your body and makes it harder for you control yourself. He also told the kids to make their standards known to their friends (and others) so they don't get caught in sticky situations later on. Basically saying, if people know you don't want to date, or don't plan to have sex till marriage they won't expect it from you! He also said, if you've done something already, stop! Ask God for forgiveness and take steps backwards! I'm just so glad that Jake attends this on Wed nights, it's not only a teaching, the kids have so much fun. They goof around and play dodgeball, they have a band that is mostly kids playing instruments and singing and they all gather around the stage and do worship, then Pastor Josh talks, then we go to small groups. I have not heard Jake complain about going ONCE. I sincerely hope Pastor Josh is around when my other kids are Jake's age, or there's another Pastor Josh for them to learn from. Yes, home is where they should learn the most about God, but it sure helps a ton to have that second voice reaffirming what is said at home, especially by someone the kids can relate to and they think he's "cool".
Enough of that!
Well, I'm off to shower to make another trip to Walmart to get the "right" Spider man costume for Ben. Yesterday we bought him the costume, and after coming home realized that the head piece was missing, AND it wasn't even the right costume! On the cardboard it showed the spider man with big "muscles" and the one Ben got did not have muscles and he was NOT happy about it! lol.
Yeaah, it's Saturday! (and no hunting today! whoop!)

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Kristin said...

This sounds awesome! I hope that the parents of our teens are just as happy with our youth group as you are with yours!