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Monday, October 20, 2008


I just had to put this in writing. Maybe my hubby will read it and give it some thought too. I've been thinking since before last xmas about this. But I was just watching the Christmas DVD of Dora with Ben and Gracie and started thinking about this again.
I'm not really sure about the idea of lying to my kids about Santa and the Easter Bunny, etc. To me, It just seems like it's teaching them that lying and making things up are ok, and besides that, All these years, that's all Jake really thought Christmas was about, was Santa coming and getting presents. Maybe i'm just being selfish again, and i'm keeping my kids from enjoying something that I myself enjoyed as a kid?
Jake now knows that Santa does not exsist. We also now have four children, and are not going to be able to afford filling the underside of our xmas tree with presents each year. I'd like it if my kids got used to just getting like 3 presents for xmas instead of 10. Jake always got a lot. So the past few years, I bought the other two quite a bit also. I'd like them to really know what we are celebrating at Christmas time, and yes presents are nice for everyone, and maybe we can just say, Jesus got 3 presents for his birthday, so that's what you get from us? I don't know, just thoughts I have. Why make up some fake person that gives them presents? They appreciate the stuff more if they know their parents bought it anyway!


Kristin said...

I totally know how you feel Amy. We don't do the Santa thing here. I've always felt the same way. We still celebrate Christmas in so many ways..and try to fill the time full of as many traditions as possible. We do gifts..and the kids get plenty. They do only get a few gifts from us though. I don't think my kids feel left out much at all because we don't believe Santa is real. I do try to be careful though..and explain that while we don't believe he is real, that other kids do and I don't want my kids to be "those kids" at school who ruin it for someone else. Ya know?

They don't mind at about not believing in Santa. They know what Christmas is.

..now ask them what they think about not celebrating Halloween and you might get a different response from them!

Keith said...

There's no Santa??