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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My kids......

Well, once again, I've been slacking on blogging! I am bad at this! Actually, in reality, I just don't have time to do this during the day. Sure, I can get on the computer and send a few emails, but to actually sit down and THINK about things is another story when my kids are awake. I thought tonight I should write a few things about the kids that I would like to remember in the future.
Jake is now 12. Amazing how time flies. He's a sports nut, loves to play sports, and be outdoors. He is also pretty interested in Xbox right now, and spends a little time on the computer. Jake's a good kid. He really is. I can't say he really enjoys helping out much at home, but he usually will do what we ask him to. A lot of times I wish I had more time to spend with Jake, just giving him some one on one attention but it seems to be so hard to do this with 3 younger kids in the house and I feel bad about it. He understands it's hard, as much as a 12 yr old can understand, but In my heart I'd really like to be able to spend more time with him. He's pretty busy too, Monday nights he has band practice, (drums) Wed nights is the Freeway at church, and soon basketball will start up.
Autumn is in kindergarten already. Those 5 years went by just like that. She is doing SO well in school. The first few weeks she was a bit scared, especially if the teacher left her sight, but that's expected. She spent 5 years with her mommy! But now she loves school and cries if she has to miss school due to being sick. She's grown a lot since starting school. She has made friends, and has really started to enjoy art and writing. She spends tons of time in our "kids office" where all their art stuff is, making pictures, and writing her letters, etc....I'm running out of space for all her art work. I love it though and glad she has found something she loves to do. She also just started sleeping in her bed all night by herself (instead of with daddy) I am SO proud of her for doing this. Most of our friends/family know we are a co-sleeping family, so that's a big step for her. (and dad I think! lol.)
Ben, well, Ben has become a little stinker. He used to be this sweet innocent little boy, and is now the three year old terror of our house. :) Bless his heart, but the boy is just rough and crazy and for some reason thinks that his main mission in life is to hurt his siblings. I think a lot of that started when Autumn started school and Ben lost his best friend. Sure, he has Gracie home with him, but she's a 20 month old, 21 pound peanut that takes a beating from him daily! She is not the playmate he was used to, so I think he's a little mad inside and is taking it out by beating us all up. Hopefully this is a stage that will end sooner then later! But on a good note, Ben is mostly potty trained, a day I never thought would come! He still wears diapers at night, but during the day he's in undies! The wonderful thing about a 3yr old boy potty training is he pees ALL OVER the place!! All over the toilet, the floor, the WALL! God help me. But we are saving money on diapers right? lol.
Gracie, our sweet peanut. She brings lots of smiles to us right now. Such a cute age. She's learning new words, and becoming her own little person. She says all her brothers and sister name now. Ben is Bomb. Autumn is Aum, Jake is Gake, Brutus is Bruty, or Bru Boy, and mom and Daddy she says pretty good.
She is addicted to her NUK. I'm quite sure she'd rather have that then food, but once in awhile she gets hungry or see's something she wants and she'll throw her nuk for a bite to eat. When she wants food she says, "bite!" or "more?" and will put her finger to her palm. When she's thirsty she says, "hip!" That means Sip. (Thanks daddy) it's too cute.
We shaved her head over a month ago because she would stick her NUK in her hair and pull her hair out and wrap it around the nuk when she was tired, we wanted to break the habit so we shaved her head. Well, her hair is growing back and she's not wasting anytime trying to rip it out again. She also tries to steal my hair when we are in bed together, and she occasionally will rip out Brutus's hair too. I don't know what it is w/the hairy nuk that she likes. Very strange but i wish she'd knock it off. lol. I'm sure I could write all night about our kids but it's getting late and I probably should get to bed soon. At least I have an update about my kids that I can look back on!


Debbie said...

Hi Amy,
Thanks for your comment. Someday let's get together and you can show me how to make my blog look so beautiful like yours. It is amazing!

Kristin said...

Cool that your oldest plays the drums! How long has he been doing that? Its funny how kindergarten really helps these 5 year olds open up and just seem older. Luke just turned 4...but let me tell you, the '3's' with him were not fun. I completely understand the potty fun when training boys. Ethan and Luke were in the learning stages together so it made it double the fun. I still have to clean the bathroom atleast twice a week!

Would Gracie pull her hair out without the pacifier? I know it sounds terrible..but what if you took it from her? Every time I've taken a pacifier from my kids (who were also very addicted to them) it only took 3 days for them to not ask for it. It really wasn't that bad. ...just a thought:)