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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Where to start....

It's amazing how quickly a week goes by and I neglect to get to this blog and write a few things.I have got to get better about this! First of all I need to do a quick update on what we taught/learned at the Freeway tonight because I promised a few moms I do an overview on here because our children usually don't give us very much detail when they come home! I know before I was on staff when I would ask Jake what he learned and talked about he never had much to tell me! So tonight was another Zinger by Jesus ( I just realized I never posted about last weeks Zinger, oopps!)
The zinger was to Bow with the King. Basically what we were trying to teach the kids was that Jesus was not a king that sat up on a throne and would not reach down to the common person, but he was quite the opposite! He was a king that served! He walked with the people on the dirt roads, he washed people's feet, he fasted, and most important of all, he died for US. He told the disciples to bow w/the king. He wants us to all have a serving heart and live our lives to serve others not to be served! Talk about convicting! I spent a good portion of my day today being very angry at my husband for leaving things for me to do around the house and not helping me out. I was upset and mad, and having a pity party for myself that I have SO much to do, all while thinking about AMY. My guess would be that Jesus wouldn't be complaining about some of the things I complain about. So tomorrow I need to remember that I am here to serve others. ie ~ my husband and kids, not to be served. It's a hard thing to swallow. I don't think anyone I know can honestly say that they are that unselfish that they care more about serving others and someone Else's needs more then their own. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe there are some people that just naturally have that servant heart and are not worried about their own needs as much as others? (Actually I DO know one person like that, my brother Keith has given up his life to serve/care for his wife/my sweet sister in law Debbie, who is in a wheel chair thanks to a car accident and a irresponsible teenager) To me, It's something that I need to pray about and ask God to give me a servant heart, to make me more like him. Back to the kids though, Its amazing sometimes what comes out of their mouths. Most of the time it's exactly what you would expect from 7th graders but sometimes they really touch my heart. Like tonight one of the girls asking for prayer that she has strength to share Christ with her family. Now that is a cool thing to hear from 13 year old.
So that was my night at the Freeway tonight. Pretty interesting. It's amazing how you think your going to something to help someone else learn about our God then you end up learning and being convicted yourself! :)
I know there was more I wanted to write about tonight but I am finding myself all of a sudden very tired! Considering it is after 11 I guess I will go to bed and hopefully have time early in the morning to come back and post what I can't remember tonight because my brain is falling asleep. Until then.......Goodnight!

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Shelley said...

Thanks for the update. YOu are so right - they claim that they talk about "nothing." Sometimes when I have time on Wednesday, I come and stand in the hall to listen for a few minutes.
Thanks for serving with the kids - I really appreciate you and others doing that.