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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Time to myself

Well, it's Thursday afternoon and something very odd has happened. Both my kids are taking naps at the same time! This almost never happens and honestly, I am not quite sure what to do with myself. That's probably because there's a million things I should be doing and I can't decide what is more important so I'll take some time to update my blog!
I can share that becoming a volunteer leader in the middle school ministry ( The freeway) has really had an impact on my life. It just puts a new perspective on my walk with Christ, and I learn just as much listening to Pastor Josh as the kids do. It always seems like a coincidence that things he says have everything to do with what's going on in my life. Kinda funny how that works. (Not) I know God planned it all out that way. lol. Last week Josh was talking about how when we become saved and give our lives to Christ that we are new creatures, and better then before because we have Christ living in us. He used the example of a Caterpillar, and how they inch around on the ground so slow, looking for food, getting stepped on, eating leaves, etc......Then the Caterpillar takes a nap and turns into this new creation, a beautiful butterfly. Obviously the butterfly would never want to go back to being a Caterpillar again. Just like we shouldn't want to go back to our "old" self again and living as a non-christian. I thought that was pretty cool to explain it to the kids that way.
Last night he did a talk on Self Worth and also talked about salvation and off w/the old and on w/the new person. In the end he asked kids to come up and write on the white board if they got saved that night, or were going to work on putting off the old, or if they wanted to be baptized. I was amazed at how many middle school kids went and signed that board to be baptized. I couldn't help but get teary!! What an awesome things to see kids doing something like that. My own son even went up there and put his name under the putting off of old self. Wow. Very cool night last night. It almost makes me want to get baptized again! I'm not sure if I can even do that, but the more I think about it, I think in the past month or so I have made a decision to really give my life to Christ and follow him and I think that is more what baptism is about. When I got baptized 3 years ago or so, It was when I was saved but I know I wasn't really giving my life to Christ. I guess I'll have to talk to someone at church about it. Not only that but I didn't invite a single person to my baptism. My husband didn't even come! lol.
I have been reading the bible study book they are doing at church for the women's bible study. It's called, Set Apart, Discovering personal victory through holiness. By Bruce Wilkinson.
It goes right along w/the other study I am doing about my eating. (Honestly the book Love to eat , hate to eat isn't all about food either. It's about living for God and not yourself.)
Anyway, I learned some interesting things from this book too! First I learned that once you are saved you are considered "Holy" to God! I'm holy! Not that all my actions become immediately Holy but that I have become set apart from the secular world to the sacred. We are also considered Saints. Pretty neat. I also learned the meaning of the word, "Consecration" I believe I have been consecrated in the past month also. I have made the decision that I want to follow Christ and LIVE like a Christian and change my ways. To put off the old, and put on the new person. (sound familiar?) basically that is what consecration is. Deciding with your own free will that you want to dedicate your life to Christ. Now I know the meaning of that. Pretty interesting book. I am constantly amazed these days at how much God has opened my eyes lately and given me wisdom to understand things that I was blinded to before. When I was saved years ago, I didn't make the changes in my life that I should have. I didn't realize the power of the Holy Spirit in me. I didn't realize I needed a "heart change". I am really enjoying what God is teaching me these days, even though some days are hard, I can see myself growing and see him working in my life and that is really cool.
Well, I suppose I'll go get something done while I have the chance!

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Debbie said...

That was such a beautiful post. I am glad that you are so on fire right now. That is totally what consecration is, recognizing Who God is and totally giving yourself to Him. I am excited for your discovery.