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Monday, February 2, 2009

Credit cards are EVIL........:)

Today was the "big day". I gave my credit cards to Kevin to do as he pleases w/them. I told him if he will be cutting them up I'd like to be a part of it.
We started Financial Peace at church the beginning of Jan. This is all part of God's plan for me to be out w/the old person and in w/the new person. God has been working on me TONS in the past few months concerning self discipline, greed, selfishness. Oh just lots of stuff!
In the beginning, it was mostly conviction about food and gluttony, but soon it was also about spending money.
Anyway, the Financial peace class is good. I am actually enjoying it, (who would have thought?) Kevin is absolutely the "nerd" of our marriage and I am the "free spirit". Especially when it comes to money. Thankfully we don't have any debt except our house to get rid of, but if I continued being the free spirit that I am we'd eventually end up with Debt and I'd end up to weigh 300 pounds so God said enough is enough and the conviction came through loud and clear!
So Dave Ramsey talks about how we shouldn't use credit cards, even if you don't have debt, and that people spend 18% more money when they use a credit card then if they'd use cash because you see the cash going out of your hand and that hurts. I use our credit card for EVERYTHING. I hardly ever had money in my wallet. That's just the way it's been since we've been married. It started that way because Kevin liked getting the points on the credit card, then just became habit to me. The only problem is that when I use a credit card, I use it too freely! Because I can't see the money I'm spending, don't keep track, then spend too much. So we've been figuring out the budget this past week, and getting ready to use the envelope system. So tonight I asked him which credit cards he wanted to cut up and he said, "oh,let's start with Kohl's and Target." Of course, my two very favorite stores! lol. I gave him all my cards. The strange thing is, it didn't even bother me! Which is a complete first! I used to feel very strongly about not giving those cards up. Now I don't. Obviously that's God's doing. He's worked in my heart something big. Dave Ramsey also talks about how we shouldn't have car payments. Well, we don't. But I also drive an old van that I don't exactly love. BUT, now I can understand WHY Kevin has always paid cash for cars and didn't want car payments. It's starting to make sense now. God continues to amaze me at how he is working in my life, and helping me through the things that I have to change. Yes, I liked my credit cards. But I'd rather make God happy and be a good steward with my money. ( I'm sure it won't hurt our marriage either!) I feel blessed that God loves me enough to care about the little things in our life. That I'm important enough for God to start peeling away the bad things from me and making me more like his son. It's pretty awesome. So Good bye credit cards. Good bye "old Amy" and hello "new self disciplined Amy" who enjoys living for Christ!

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I am MUCH too weak to do that.

Good luck~!