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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Being humbled?

I could be wrong but I think God is trying to humble me. Maybe I was getting to prideful when it came to my eating and my attitude about other people sinning.
Last Saturday I made a comment during our bible study that if people know they are sinning, why do they continue to do it?
I got upset with my husband this week for eating at night in front of me, and asked him if he was hungry! I also asked him if he didn't' care that he was sinning and why he was eating when he wasn't hungry. I didn't understand. I think that was Sunday night, and Tuesday morning the girl scout cookies arrived. With the good Lords help I was doing really well with my eating. I had done the "radical amputation" of most sweets in my life that would cause me to over eat and were idols to me. I was doing well at only eating when i was actually hungry and must have gotten to proud in thinking that it was ME doing it? Since the girl scout cookies arrived I have given in to temptation. I have lost control that I thought I had on my sin. I am eating something that I had given up. I am eating them when I'm hungry and when I'm not hungry. Is my conscience telling me not to eat them? sort of. Do I feel guilty about it? Not like I should. I don't feel as strong or convicted about sin as I did just days ago. Is God humbling me? I'm not sure. But I'm getting on my knees and asking this be taken from me. I am weak.


Luanne said...

This is a hard one. I constantly struggle on the pendulum of pride when God has done a working in my life.

That's okay--He just made an adjustment in your attitude--now that you are humbled you can continue the good work He started!

Anonymous said...

If it was "Sin" to enjoy a snack, would church serve snacks after the service? Are they promoting Sin? Na....