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Saturday, February 28, 2009

God at work

Yep, I'm quite sure now that God took his help away from me for awhile to keep me from being prideful. The more I think about it, I actually asked for this. Last week I could feel myself getting prideful about my eating. That I was able to have hate for sin (another thing I prayed and asked for was a hate for sin) He gave that to me, but he gave it to me to use for myself and to make ME a better person. Well last week I started thinking, why doesn't everyone do this? Why does ANYONE over eat who is a Christian? I had the nerve to "check" my husbands sin and forget the plank in my own eye as the bible says. But I caught myself thinking that way about someone at church last week. Thinking why don't they care that they are sinning? Why don't they use their strength in Christ and stop sinning? I asked God, please don't let me think that way. I know I shouldn't judge, and I don't want to be prideful. He answered. He was helping me before. Giving me the strength to resist food when I wasn't hungry. He was helping me to not think about food so much when I'm not supposed to be eating,HE changed my heart to not want to sin, but he quickly took that away from me when I became prideful about it. Because it wasn't me that was able to resist temptation on my own, he was helping. So now I know, when I see other people sinning, worry about myself. They are most likely working on some other issue that I have no idea about. Maybe God is not ready to work on the sin of over eating in there life at this time. Maybe it's not on that person's heart to work on that particular sin, but something else is, it's not for me to worry about and I'm no one to say if I can do this why can't everyone? Because I myself can't, and God just showed me that. He's teaching me. I'm learning slowly but surely. But in all reality, he convicted me when I was having the thoughts, I prayed and asked not to think that way, and he answered! Pretty amazing how he works, and how he's so close in our lives and our thoughts. Now that I'm humbled and my pride is gone, I pray that he will show me his grace once again and help me with my eating. :)

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God's girl said...

Amy- Thanks for stopping by!

It's amazing at how other people's "sin" looks worse than ours, until God shows us a reflection of ourselves without the covering of Jesus Christ...Ouch!

Our sin becomes very visible and prominent, and suddenly, other people's sin seems angelic compared to our own reflection.

Praise God that He loves us enough not to leave us in the "muck" and mire where He found us, and that he transforms us:)

Blessings to you! Heaven