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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A verse worth repeating

It seems God is trying to get a verse through my head. I'm not really sure why, but there must be a reason. I was doing my homework for my bible study this morning and in the chapter I'm reading she brings up the verse. Then again, reading my email, my Daily devotion had the same exact verse. Here it is...
2 Peter 1:3-4
His divine power has given us everything we need for life and godliness through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness.
Pretty powerful verses there. I think I have already come to that realization in the last few months, that I already have his power in me to follow Christ and do what he tells me to do.
Maybe there's other things in my life that I am not seeing yet that he wants me to use this power for. Something I will have to pray about.
I have been finding myself feeling frustrated lately that I've been going to church for 5 years and am just now understanding how much God hates sin, how much he loves us, that we are not supposed to go on sinning when we are Christians, and that he gave us the power to do this. Why didn't I know this sooner? I know everyone learns things in their own time, or in God's time, or sometimes our eyes are not open to things the first few times we hear them, I understand that. I also understand that it's our job to read the bible, seek God, pray, and work on our relationship with him, but simple straight forward things like, God HATES sin, and that he gives Christians the power to not sin should be some of the bigger things that we learn at church. (Please note, I am NOT bashing my church, or my pastor. I really enjoy my church!) I wonder how many Christians that attend church know these things? How many people at church are actually following Christ and are living like a new creature after they are saved? How many change their ways? Or just go to church on Sunday but keep living the rest of the week the exact way they did before? I'd say for the past 5 years, for the most part, I didn't change a whole lot about the way I lived my life until the last few months when I really gave my life to Christ. Now I feel the need to be baptized again. Not that I NEED to per say, but because this time I am really giving my life to Christ. I am REALLY a born again Christian and I'd like to share that with other people. I don't know why it upsets me. I am very glad that my eyes have been open to God's truth, and I know the one true God now, but why did it have to take 5 years of going to church to know these things? Now that I've gotten on a soap box here I better step down and go tell God that I am thankful that he is so close to me, and cares so much for me that my eyes are finally open. Blessed be the name of the Lord.


Debbie said...

Hi Amy,
I could feel the power in your blog. I have a question for you, though. If you had learned first off how much God hates sin, do you think could feel his love as strongly? It's kind of like us with our kids. We love them first, make sure they know that and are secure in it, then we start shaping them. BTW, this thought came straight from God because this isn't what I was going to say. Thank you for the chance to hear God through your post.

Luanne said...

Thank God it didn't take 6 years, or even longer. How exciting though--God will use the passion you have about this message to help others!!! WHW someday?