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Monday, May 25, 2009

Baby Christians

This morning I received my daily devotion from proverbs 31. It was about abandoning new Christians and how we shouldn't do that.
I am so grateful for the person that I consider as my mentor in my walk with Christ. I have grown and learned so much from having her to answer my questions. I know I still have SO much to learn, and so much to grow, but God has spoken through her and taught me SO much.
I have had frustration the last few weeks because I have been trying to find some ladies to do bible study with in the summer. I try to spend at least 45 min to an hour every morning doing bible study. My goal in getting a bible study together, was to GROW more. To have other women around who also want to grow in Christ. Who are putting God first in their life. I need that type of fellowship, people who are hungry for God and want to learn and grow.
My frustration came when people were telling me they wanted to keep it "light" for the summer. They don't want a lot of homework. They don't want to commit to too much.
I am confused by this. Do we take breaks from God in the summer? Are we too busy for him? I'm sure I was guilty of this in the past. I am SO happy and excited that I have a few people that want to come to bible study that have never done a bible study before. I am very excited that I will be able to spend time with them, and we can all learn together. I WAS disappointed that my fellow sisters don't have the time for a daily study, but as I was reading the devotion I got today, I realized that maybe the study with the new girls is just not all about ME! I wanted others there that can answer MY questions and help ME grow. But maybe God wanted me to get this study together for HIM. The devotional explained that lots of new Christians are just thrown to the wolves to figure things out for themselves, and we should help them along, even if that means self sacrifice for ourselves. That was huge for me. It Also said that some new Christians come dragging lots of baggage, like addictions, but that doesn't mean we can just push them to the side. I wasn't doing it yet, but the thought was there. There is someone in my family who is saved, but has an addiction, and it's so easy to just say, "oh forget it, then really don't want my help why am I bothering?" But God wants me to "bother". He wants me to keep on, and try and help them. Thank you God for speaking to me this morning through a devotional!


Debbie said...

I liked that devo too. It is easy to forget about the baby steps we took, and to help someone else with their's. I am happy that you are able to be used by God to help bring some others along. Let me know what study you decide to do.We did one called Get A Life a few years ago that was about the myths associated with being Christians. That might be a good one for starting out.

God's girl said...

Will be praying for your journey as you embark the summer with expectation and the willingness to serve God in this fashion.