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You are LOVED by God. There is nothing you can do, or can't do to make him love you more or less. He loves you because he loves you. Because you are His child.

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Worth it
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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

ME Time.

I just posted this link on my face book. I think it's an awesome, awesome article that unfortunatley rings very true to me. It was hard to read, but at the end I thought, wow, what an excellent article. Just reminds me of how selfish I am of my time some days and I need not to be. I'd like to share it.

Here it is.....ME TIME.

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debbie said...

Wow, Amy, thanks for sharing that. You know, it is true. When I go to a women's retreat or something like that, where I am encouraged to embrace my life, I am excited while I'm there and eager (mostly) to get home. When I whine about needing a break and go to Kohl's by myself, I feel bad and just want to come back home. I don't think I will look at the phrase the Lord is my portion the same way.