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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Reminders to obey

I have a sheet that I wrote on the other day, reasons why I need to obey what God is telling me to do. This morning I added a little bit to it when I was doing my morning bible study.
Just now I sat down to read some of my emails and came to my proverbs 31 devotional for the day.
She talked about how we see yellow ribbons tied to things to remind us of the military that are fighting for our country and to pray for them and how in Numbers 15 God tells Moses to tell the people to make tassels for their clothing and hang them by a blue cord so that they remember and obey all his commands instead of following our own desires like we are prone to do.
This fits right in with everything in my life right now, once again, God speaks! I was reading this morning how our will follows our thoughts and desires. So if we desire to please God, Our will tends to follow that. If we desire to please ourselves, then our will follows that. It's not that we need more will power, but we need to change our thoughts and God needs to change our desires.
I do want to please God, and at the same time, selfishly want to please myself. I think with my eating, a lot of times I'm putting things in my mouth before I even stop to think about God or what I am desiring when I eat the food. I was thinking this morning, where can I put this piece of paper so that every time I go to eat something, I look at it? Then I get the devotional.
Maybe I don't need to carry the piece of paper around with me. Maybe I can just tie something around my wrist to remind me of what it says on that piece of paper before I go to put something in my mouth.
I just love days when I can just see God all over the place speaking to me.


God's girl said...

I love days like that too:) Praise God that we can hear Him when He speaks to our heart!

Debbie said...

I liked the devo too. Maybe you should tie a tassel someplace in your kitchen. Just kidding. Sort of...