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Monday, July 19, 2010

One more surgery? Why not!

Well church yesterday was good, I didn't get any specific answers as to yes or no to radiation, but I did write the same thing down three times during the sermon, but didn't notice I did that till we were home and I was reading what I wrote.

What I wrote was-

1.Trust him, that he is near, trust God's plan for my life.
2. He hears, trust him, do not fear, his plan brings peace.
3. Trust him he has my best at heart.

Do you think he wants me to trust him?  :)

The other thing I wrote was Don't live in grip of fear, cause he is near and has a plan.

Lots to make Kevin and I think.

Right now, my surgeon who did my surgery said he wouldn't do the radiation if it were him.
Fear in me says, what if?  What if it comes back and I didn't do everything I could have? That is fear that God is telling me not to have.

Yesterday after church, Jake asked me, so mom, did you get an answer? I said, No, did you? He said, "well, I think that maybe God is waiting till it's too late for you to have radiation to give you an answer."

Huh. Interesting thought, that I have actually had myself, and Kevin admited last night that he's had the same thought. hmmm.

On an even more fun note, I was told that if I was going to do radiation, I need to see a dentist, have my teeth cleaned and get fluoride treatments. and that if you need any dental work you need to get it done before radiation, because radiation can cause lots of problems in your mouth, and if you got a tooth pulled after radiation, it might not heal.

I made an apt for a cleaning for this coming Thurs. Just in case I decide to do radiation.

But the last few days, I've been having some pain in my mouth, then last night it seemed to be effecting my throat a bit too, so Kevin and I decided that I better call the dentist this morning. I went in. I do have an infection, under my wisdom tooth, which is impacted, which needs to come out, so that means, ANOTHER surgery.  I can't believe it. lol.  I called an oral surgeon and have a consult this Thurs, then they will make the apt to remove the two wisdom teeth. 
So now this is what will deal with, along with praying about the radiation.

I will see my ent doc this afternoon too, just so he can check out the infection and know what is going on.

Keep the prayers coming! 

love you. 

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