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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Still waiting, in prayer

For I am waiting for you, O Lord. You must answer for me, O Lord my God.

~ Psalm 38:15, NLT
This was the K-love verse of the day I got in email today. Couldn't be more fitting!! Kevin and I are in prayer, waiting for God to lead us to radiation, or not to radiation.
Neither of us have peace about it either way right now. It is frustrating, but I know God will answer. He's teaching me patience right now, can't say I am enjoying it! 
It's so easy for me to go back and forth with this decision, but I know my decisions are not the right ones. Only God has the correct answer,  my prayer is that he is very clear with me what he wants me to do, and that he will give Kevin and I both the same answer, and give us both peace about it.
I got another devotional this morning saying how God hears our cries and like a daddy it rips him up inside to hear our cries and he opens the heavens and answers. These are times I can really feel God speaking to me, when my devotionals and verses I get in my mail are all about what I am needing at the moment. He's telling me, he hears our prayers, and will answer them.
I am trying to spend enough time with him daily so that I don't miss the answer, hopefully I haven't already, but I think God knows I need things to be made clear to me, I dont' usually catch the "whisper" I need the slam upside the head type answer.
This morning we go to church,  I'm praying he'll speak through someone there, I guess we'll see.
Pray for us, for direction, and peace about the direction we take.
love you!

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