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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Are you thankful?

Piles of laundry, dishwasher full of clean dishes, counter full of dirty dishes, little girl just wet her pants, she's on her third set of clothes today, messy house, school work to do yet........these are things that I would usually sigh over, maybe even complain over. Not today. Today, I am being thankful for all of it. Thankful for the dishwasher that washes my dishes, and for my dad that usually unloads it on Mon, wed, and Fridays. :)  Thankful for the little girl who peed in her pants cause her jeans were too tight, the little girl who will be four years old tomorrow. Thankful for those piles of dirty laundry because it means I have family to wear those clothes, thankful for school yet to be done, because it means, my kids are home with me all day and enjoyed their day playing with each other.
I have a spot in my kitchen, where I sit on a sun room chair, in the afternoon, and the sun beats right down on me. Even in the middle of winter, that spot feels like summer. I could pretend I was on a beach if I closed my eyes, or at least pretend it's warm outside. :)  This afternoon I sat there, in the warmth, with my book, and just thanked God for all the small things. For that sunshine keeping me warm, for my kids talking in the background, for the glistening ice on my back patio. For breath. For life.
On most days  I would say that cancer sucks. Cause, well, it does. But having the reality that our days are numbered can really make you appreciate life. I mean, really appreciate life and all the small things.
I remember after I had the surgery, and I couldn't swallow, not even my own saliva. I had to use a suction machine for almost 2 months because I couldn't swallow. Now, when I swallow, I thank God.  I couldn't eat. Now, when I eat, I thank God I can eat. I couldn't talk. I had to write everything on paper. Now, I thank God I can speak.  I am even thankful of the interruption I just had to wipe someones butt, because last summer, someone else had to go do that for me.  God gives us so many gifts in a day that we don't even take time to see them, and absorb them, and be thankful for them. 
I'm notorious for getting stressed out over a messy house and having to clean it. My husband on the other hand, well, he could care less what the house looks like. This always irritated me. Why doesn't he care? While I was mumbling about my house being a mess, he is playing with my kids.  Why do I stress over a messy house? It's just a house. What if tomorrow I am not here? Or one of my kids or husband is not here?  Shouldn't I spend my time thinking of how I can make more memories with my family and friends then if my floors are sticky and there's food in my couches?
I think we need to take more time out of our days to look for things that we can be thankful for. I could complain all day long about this thing or that thing, I can complain about my husband laying on the couch, or I could be happy that I have a husband laying on the couch, right? It's all our perspective.  
I would love for everyone to feel what I feel right now. I wish I had the perfect words to make people understand that you dont' know how long you'll be here, so make your time here worth it. Be thankful for small things. Be thankful for your health. If you love people, tell them. Hug them, kiss them. If they are far away, call them. Email them. What if they are not here tomorrow? 
I am feeling very thankful today.  It's easy to look for all the bad things in life, and complain about them. Start looking for the good things, for the blessings, even as small as wiping a butt! Thank you God that I have a little girls butt to wipe, and that I am able to get up and wipe it for her. ;P

What are you thankful for today?

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