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Monday, September 13, 2010

Hope in him

I've been meaning to blog since last Friday. I wrote last about faith, and having faith in my God that he has healed me. The pain in my ear is still there, it comes and goes, but seems to be less frequent than it was, praise him for that!
Last Thursday night I met with ladies from my church for a nursery meeting. After the meeting was over, my friend Mary, (mom) asked a few of the other ladies to pray over me because of my ear pain. I sat in a chair, and they all put their hands on me and prayed, one at a time. It was so touching. I cried at the way these prayer warriors pray. They even apologized to God for asking for healing when he has already healed me.
They asked that he would increase my faith in him, that he would touch me in a special way, speak to me in a way that I would know I am healed. After we were done, one of the girls, Nora said to me, to just keep telling myself when I feel that ear pain that I am healed! To thank him for the ear pain because it's a sign that my nerves and muscles are healing back up.
I left that night singing in my van right through the ear pain. Ever since that night, I have had no worries about my ear. Yes it is still hurting , but God took my worries away. He answered yet another prayer. God is SO amazing.
I do have an appointment to go back to Mayo in Minnesota next Tues. I had that appointment before they prayed for me. I called there and talked to my surgeon's PA and he said I should come in for another PET scan. That got me worrying. But after Thursday night the worry was gone.
When the thoughts of "what is this ear pain from?" came to my head I said, "get behind me Satan, I am healed by the blood of Jesus Christ", and my worry was no more.

This morning something amazing happened. I was sitting at the table doing my bible study for tonight, and she told us to go to a verse. The verse she said was Psalm 25:12. But before I got to that verse, somehow in my head, my thoughts turned to, "I need to blog about the girls praying over me." Then I thought, "But WHAT IF, I write about how they prayed over me, and how I have not been worrying, and how I'm believing God that I am healed, that the cancer is NOT back, and then I go have the PET scan and it is back? Then I will look like a fool!" At that very moment, I was thinking I was  going to the verse that she told us to go to for the study, and  I started reading Psalm 25:3. I was on the WRONG verse, it may have been the wrong verse for my bible study, but it was the verse that God wanted me to read. 
This is what it said ~

No one whose hope is in you will ever be put to shame.

God was speaking to me. He knew my thoughts, that I was thinking at that very second about blogging, and doubting that I should share that my wonderful friends prayed over me and he answered, and he said, "Amy, you go right ahead and blog about it, brag about it, I will NOT put you to shame.
Of course, this makes me even less worried about my upcoming PET scan next Tuesday. I'm sure that day I will be a little nervous, but I am believing God that I am healed, and that my ear pain was just another way to strengthen my faith, and another way for God to show off and be glorified.  :)

I love it when he does things like this. There is nothing like God knowing your thoughts and giving you a verse like that. I wish those things could happen to me everyday!
Thank you my sweet girlfriends for praying over me, and thank you my sweet, merciful God, for loving me, for paying attention to my life, and my thoughts, and speaking to me, your child. I couldn't ask for a more wonderful daddy. 

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