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Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I am feeling really blessed right now. I do almost everyday, but right now, I am sitting here in my chair with tears in my eyes. As I sit here, I have my dad cleaning out my bag from my feeding tube meal I just had. I have my friend Tree from church playing with and watching my kids. I have friends Meg and Nora from church cleaning my house.
Some days I just can't wrap my brain around how these wonderful people serve the Lord with such joy. They are here because they have Jesus in their hearts. They all have jobs and busy lives, yet they are sacrificing some of their time, for me and my family, for Jesus. I look at them, and I see Jesus love shining through.
I feel loved, I feel like my family is loved, and taken care for.  I praise Jesus for that. He is the one that led us to Mercy Hill church, he was preparing us for this a year ago when he took us out of one church and brought us to another, I made wonderful friendships with people that are now taking care of my family. I am so thankful for that.

There is more blessings today. Yesterday and today I hardly used my suction machine at all. That means that I am swallowing better.
I was also feeling better this morning because I found myself over by the kitchen counter picking things up and putting them away. Then I thought, uh oh, I better sit down! My friend Missy who was here this morning right then said, "Are you feeling better today?" I said "Yes, but I better sit down" and she said, "That is just what I was going to say!"  I guess I didn't even realize I was doing what I was doing, but I really have to keep myself from doing anything. It is so easy to just start picking up dirty clothes off the floor or picking up toys, but I have to remember, I shouldn't be bending over like that. I shouldn't be carrying anything.  I also have been doing pretty well with drinking water so I thought I'd give applesauce a try today. That didn't go very well. It pretty much just sat there and I had to wash it down with water. Guess I'm not quite ready for food yet.  :( This is by far the most difficult surgery I have ever had in my life. I had two sinus surgeries and 4 c-sections and this is the worst I've ever had to deal with.  It's such a slow healing process, I think that is the frustrating part. Some days I find my mind wandering to I hope this cancer never, ever comes back, I couldn't bear going through this again. I don't even want to have those thoughts!! I need to keep my mind positive about the future, not let the devil consume my mind with fear.
I see God smiling all over my house today with these women here blessing me. My father in heaven is looking down on me saying "see how much I love you?" Everything in my house is being taken care of, so I can just sit here and heal. Thank you Lord Jesus for loving me, and giving me sisters in Christ who love and care for me so much.

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debbie said...

You are loved, Amy. Every night when I walk the dog I look up at the stars and remember the night you let us camp in your back yard to watch the meteor showers. (I also think of it when I hear the train whistle blow from that direction, lol.) I'm glad you listened to the Lord and followed Him this last year. He richly provides.