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Thursday, June 3, 2010

More morning thoughts...

I was just thinking how I was in such a "low" mood the past week, then especially after I got the news about radiation and chemo, then yesterday God brought some hope back in my life with different options of surgery. There has been lots of time of feeling despair, feeling sorry for our family for going through this and what we have to come but last night I was thinking more about how much God has taught us in just this short month.
He has really taught us what the church is supposed to be, and possibly what we weren't doing in our own lives as part of God's church. He has shown love through the people at our church, not just a "I'll pray for you" but genuine concern and love and help. He has taught us the meaning of really helping people and taking on other people's problems when they are in need so in the future when someone is in need we will know what is expected of us, Kevin and I will be different people because of this.
He has also brought Kevin and I closer, and gave me more love and appreciation for my husband. He's given me more love for my kids. I didn't think that was possible, but it is. I love them more then I did before. I hug them more often and longer, tell them I love them more often, look at them differently. Doubts I had about homeschooling are gone, I know that home is where they belong and I am to be their teacher. 
He's showed me how easy it is for us to take the simple gifts he gives us for granted, like swallowing for instance. Something none of us think much about, until we can't do it. We overlook so many blessings each and everyday, now I'm learning to look for all the blessings instead of over looking them.
So if your feeling down for any reason, start looking for all the blessings in your life and enjoy them. Thank God for them because they could be gone tomorrow. 
Well, I have to take Jake to school now, as he has missed the bus so my quiet time is officially over. Have a good day everyone!


Holly S. said...


Holly S. said...

Hi Amy,
I'm so glad we were able to talk awhile on the phone.I talked to Scott quick b4 work and he emailed Kevin to see if he could talk with him tomorrow. Also Scott said he wished we would of had a small tape recorder at doc visits because even when you write stuff down you miss things and that way you could just replay, he told me to pass that along to you. We love you all and are going to be there in every way possible.You are all in our constant thoughts and prayers. love you, Holly