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Friday, June 11, 2010

Recovering well today

Well today is a better day then yesterday!! Surgery is over, thank God. Yesterday was a really rough day for me, I am not going to lie! Things are much different in a huge hospital like this, then back at home. It's more like an assembly line here.  We had to be here at 5:45am, they put me in a really small room and asks me a bunch of questions. Then they said I'd be going down to pre-op alone with out Kevin. I walked down there with the nurse, there was a bunch of beds lined up, with people in them, just waiting for surgery. They put me in a bed, and I just started to get nervous. She said my pulse was 120! So she tried to call Kevin to come down by me, but he was already checked out.  They talked to me quite a bit, said they'd take real good care of me because I am a cheese head. lol. They ended up giving me something to calm me down a few min before they took me to the OR. The surgery took about 4 hours.  When I came out of recovery I got really sick and threw up, which was pretty scary because I have a feeding tube in, and my tongue is so swollen I can't talk.  So it was really hard for me to breathe after I threw up. Last night was a real rough night. Today has been better. No more throwing up, and I've been up walking in the halls. My neck is real sore but we are trying to stay on top of it with pain meds. So the surgery went real well. He said the tumor on my tongue had good margins, he was able to get it all. As for Frank, the preliminary report was that frank was the only cancerous lymph node. Praise God! We are waiting for the final path report yet, I guess sometimes more can show up on there. Praying they don't!! If it's only Frank then I am done!
I guess he had to cut more tissue in my tonsil area, so it left a hole, so he had to stitch it up, that is why I have the feeding tube. He doesn' t want me to swallow anything that could mess with the stitches. So I might have the feeding tube for 10 days. Not pleasant, but could be worse! I am not able to talk. My tongue is too swelled up. He said it's because my jaw is so small, that when they put this tool in to keep my tongue down, it puts lots of pressure on my tongue, which makes it swell real big. It's like my tongue feels way to big for my mouth and I just can't talk! So I write everything on paper, which is a pain, but he said it should only last a few days. I sure hope so!
I am hoping that he will let me go home tomorrow. I think it depends on my drain bag from my lymph nodes.  it doesn't seem to be draining all that much so I can't imagine why he'd want to leave it in there much longer, but I guess we'll see what he says.
So that's the story right now. Today is a pretty decent day. Kevin slept next to me last night in a chair and held my hand all night. He's such a wonderful hubby. My sister and my dad are handling the kids OK, they even put them all to bed last night, which is no easy job!! Thank you for all the prayers, please continue to pray for a quick recovery, that I can talk again soon, and this feeding tube comes out asap!! Oh and also that the final report still shows only that one lymph node as cancerous.

love you all!!!


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Wendy said...

It sounds like a fairly traumatic day. I can't believe they wouldn't let Kevin be with you for pre-op. I really hope that Frank is it, and this is the worst of it here.

Keeping you in my thoughts for a quick recovery.