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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Farewell Frank

Tomorrow is the big day, we have to be at Mayo at 5:45am. My guess is that my surgery won't be until like 8am or so, but I could be wrong. Tomorrow Frank and his pals will be evicted from their home. :)
We met with the doc today for a pre-op appt. He said the surgery will take 4 to 5 hours! I was kinda surprised about that. Poor Kevin will be sitting around all day waiting for me once again.
He said my chance of having a feeding tube is 50/50 so I'm praying that I wake up without one!
We did a lot of driving today. We drove from Chanhassen to Rochester for my pre-op appt, then back to Chanhassen to pick up the kids from Kevin's brother's house, then we all drove back to Rochester to the hotel. So, a good 5 1/2 hours in the car today! I am sick of driving! My sister and my dad made the drive up today, bless their hearts. We are all here together at the hotel. We have adjoining rooms, which is kinda nice. Autumn is sleeping with her Aunt Cindy and Gracie is in the bed with Grandpa. I wonder how long that will last? My poor dad. Gracie loves to chat in bed so he's probably getting an ear full right now. I did hear her praying, saying "I hate the devil" I'm sure my dad got a kick out of that. :) It's kinda cozy here, all the family in two rooms like this, makes me want to all live in one big house back at home. ha.
I did get a few days to eat real food again before surgery. We went out to Apple bees for dinner, but I started feeling nervous about the surgery and it kind of ruined my appetite. Oh well. Before I know it this will be over.
I called my friend Mary tonight and she prayed with me on the phone, that helped calm my nerves. I just have to remember who is in charge here. Who's watching over me during that surgery and who is guiding my surgeons hands. My Jesus. If I keep focused on that I won't worry. The great physician is in charge, nothing to worry about.
So I'll be getting up at 4:45am tomorrow so I can shower before walking over to the hospital.  Please say some prayers for me!  Pray it's only that one lymph node, and none others are involved, and that I'm not so sick after surgery this time. Pray for Kevin, and my sister and my dad who have to spend 3 or 4 days in  a hotel with 4 kids.

Hopefully Kevin can update the blog tomorrow after surgery and let you know how I am doing.

Good bye Frank. It was not so nice knowing you!!

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