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Monday, May 17, 2010

Blessed by "the church"

This morning I was thinking, which blessings in my life should I write about, and the people I spent my day with yesterday were the first to come to mind. 

We have been at Mercy Hill church.  for a full year now. I feel so blessed that God led us to this church.
By church I mean the people. The wonderful, caring, non judgemental, loving, people that have became part of my family in this last year.

This is church like I had not known in the past, it's not just show up on Sunday morning listen to a sermon and see you next week.  Our church is like a family. It's small, (for now at least) and everyone genuinely cares for one another. When I go there on Sunday mornings, I feel like I am going to have breakfast with family and learn about Jesus together. It's a comfort to me. It's my favorite day of the week that I get to spend time with these brothers and sisters.

God has not only provided lots of friendships, but friendships with people who really love Jesus, and want to be closer to him, and want their lives to change. Friendships with people that want to be together more then once a week, that have a hunger to learn about God. It's just what I needed. God has been so good to us by bringing us to this church.

Honestly, I could spend my entire Sunday in that middle school with these people, it would make my day. :)

Of course there were many more blessings this weekend.  I was free of worry about my neck. I know God brought that comfort to me. All the prayers from friends and family, God answered those prayers. I have not worried about "Frank" all weekend.  That is a real blessing!!

On Friday my husband set up a trampoline for our kids. Ben especially is in trampoline heaven. He pretty much lives on the thing. I never thought I'd allow one of those in my yard. Never! I have always hated them, and didn't even want my kids on them, so I am amazed at my heart change. It's what little boys with big blue eyes can do to a parent. lol.
It's been a blessing to see how happy it makes my kids. That we had the money that we could buy something like that for them. It's also another way that God keeps me close to him, because I have to lean on him with my anxieties of one of my kids breaking their neck on that thing. lol.  
I best be getting off of the computer now and getting some reading done before the kids wake up.
I'll be looking for God today and writing about it tomorrow. :)

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