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Worth it
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Friday, May 21, 2010

God sings to me

Just a short little thing I wanted to note today.

Last night Jake had his middle school choir concert. This is a public school.  It was 7th and 8th graders plus high school.
The entire concert was gospel music. What are the chances of that?  The title of the concert was "Feel the spirit". Amazing. I felt like I was being sang to the entire concert.  One of the songs the words really hit me, It said, "This storm is just a test so I shall not be moved" Wow. I even wrote that down when I heard it.  I shall not be moved.  It's not going to knock me down.  Another song said, "Sing till the power of the Lord comes down". 
That's not all. The last song they sang, was written by some man, can't recall his name, but the guy wrote the song for the National Cancer society. So I go to my middle schoolers concert, at a public school and hear gospel music, and a song dedicated to having cancer. Coincidence? I think not.
God is here, involved in our little life, our small circumstances in this huge , huge world. He cares enough to do things like this. This was planned for a long time. How long have these kids been practicing these songs? And God knew that I'd be sitting in that seat, last night, hearing him speak through songs. Simply amazing. That is our God.  My daddy up in the sky. Simply Amazing.

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