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You are LOVED by God. There is nothing you can do, or can't do to make him love you more or less. He loves you because he loves you. Because you are His child.

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Worth it
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Friday, December 9, 2011

I Lift My Hands

100. A clear CT scan of my lungs. Praise God!

Is his Grace enough?

I was reading my devotional this morning, and the question he asked was, " What if God's only gift to you was his Grace to save you?"

What if? What if that was his only gift? His son, to save us from hell. Would that be enough for us?

Because in all honesty, we don't even deserve that.

Day after day we sin against our holy God, and yet, he gives us the gift of his son and all we have to do is receive the gift.

This was a tough devotional this morning for me because he mentioned how we pray for our children's health, and how we pray for cancer to be removed from our bodies.

Of course, no coincidence once again. (ha ha)

As most of my friends and prayer warriors know, I've been having chest issues.  Chest tightness, wheezing, shortness of breath, and of course, anxiety.

Yesterday I had a CT scan done of my lungs. This morning I see a pulmonologist. Of course I've been praying for just that, "Please God, let it just be my asthma, or my anxiety/panic attacks acting up again."

I keep reminding myself last night of a few weeks ago when I was worrying and God gave me the stick that Gracie brought out of her class that said " HEALER" on it. (Which by the way, I can't find that stick and I am heartbroken over it!, I searched high and low for it yesterday!)

Yesterday I went to get blood drawn and the Starbucks across the street was calling my name. I ran into my friend Sarah there, who is on her second bout with cancer. It's a sucky reality in this fallen world that we have to deal with cancer and sickness and death. I do believe God can heal. Sometimes he does.

But the question is, if he doesn't answer our prayers for healing, IS GRACE ENOUGH?

Very sobering question for me this morning. Thanks a lot Max Lucado. lol

At the end of the devotional he said, Make a list of how God has given you GRACE UPON GRACE. Above and beyond the Grace of saving us from hell.

Since i was already making my thankful list , I just added more to it this morning............

62. My health. Cancer removed from my body.

63. God's word to read, to get to know him better.

64. My husband.

65. My four beautiful children

66. Warm house

67. Food

68. Hot coffee

69. Two sweet little dogs that love me.

70. Beautiful Christmas tree to look at.

71. A loving daddy who is healthy at almost 81 years young.

72. Friends who truly care about me and love me.

73. Acquaintances who do nice things and care.

74. Kevin's Job

75. A sister who loves me.

76. Brothers that love me too. :)

77. The gift of being a mommy.

78. A van to drive.

79. People who speak God's truth into my life.

80. Books to read.

81. The ability to home school.

82. Beautiful sunshine.

83. Microwavable heating pads to warm my cold feet.

84. Hot showers/running water

85. Chocolate

86. Gracie and Autumn and their love for doing art projects and making huge messes.

87. peanut butter pie

88. Paper and pens.

89. God making a way for me to purchase a bible I wanted.

90. Gracie coming to sit by me when she wakes up in the morning.

91. Tired husbands who lay on the couch in the morning.

92. Running into Sarah at Starbucks yesterday.

93. Prayer. That we can talk to God whenever we want to.

94. Friends that pray for me.

95. Cell phones.

96. Washing Machines.

97. Dishwashers. (Because I can hear then both running and doing my job for me)

98. Emails from friends.

99. Christian music

Speaking of  Christian music...