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Monday, February 11, 2013

Van in the ditch

Who would have ever thought my van in a ditch would be something that makes me giggle and smile?

It didn't really have the same effect on my husband, but that's because God wasn't speaking to him 10 min before I put the van in the subdivision ditch. :)

This is a story that I can't help but share and my blog is a perfect place to share it. 

Last year in Jan 2012 I chose a word for the year and it was TRUST.  Actually, I didn't chose the word, God did. I may have blogged about that too.

2012 was a magnificent year of growth in the lord for me.  Not saying I have "arrived" but I learned a lot and grew alot and God was on me alot throughout the year to share things in my blog but I was scared what people would think. How SILLY is that????? He has shown me recently to GET OVER IT because none of it is about me anyway! lol.  ( In the most loving way  a daddy could of course!)

I have been doing a bible study the last few months on hearing God's voice.
Believe it or not, Christianity is NOT all about going to church, or reading your bible, or following laws, but about having a relationship with a LIVING, LOVING God that cares deeply for us!

So, some mornings I will journal , ask him what he wants to tell me and I will write what he wants to tell me.
Keep that in the back of your mind for a bit.

So, I have had this neck pain, I don't know probably for about 15 to 20 years? I honestly don't remember anymore when it started. It could have stemmed from a car accident when I was 21, it may have nothing to do with it, it really doesn't matter, the fact is that I have neck pain. lol. I have been to TMJ doctors, regular doctors, Chiropractors, acupuncture, massage, physical therapy, you name it.  Nothing really ever helped.

I have been learning a lot this past year about God's will to have us healed, About Jesus dying for our healing, (healed by his stripes!) and learning to trust God for answering prayers and manifesting healings.
It's takes a lot of faith for this type of thing!

I have gone up for prayer numerous times for my neck and went home with pain, but God still told me, TRUST.

I have learned about praying for others for healing and had a hard time believing in the prayers, how can I pray for others to be healed when I am not even healed myself. One morning at church God told me something and I wrote it down, (it had NOTHING to do with the sermon) he said, "Start praying IN FAITH for other peoples healings and your neck healing will manifest. OK God. But I'm scared to pray for people. This has never been a strong suit of mine. I always choke praying out loud and want to run and hide before I pray in front of people. lol. Why? Because I was afraid I'd look stupid. This was a HUGE hurdle for me. Just huge. 
Recently God started telling me in my journal time to once again TRUST him. That If I walk through the fear and go up to pray for people he will meet me there and help me pray for their needs. Our church has a 24 week training to learn to disciple others. I went through that. After you go through that,  On some Sundays the pastor will call up the graduates to the alter and then open the alter for prayer and we will pray for people. Well, after I graduated I was afraid to go pray for people. This past week God kept telling me, Trust him. On Sunday, on the way to church he said, "Today is the day Amy"  Well, at church they didn't do it as usual. Usually they have prayer BEFORE the pastor speaks, so I thought I heard God wrong on the way to church. I was actually relieved. lol.  But at the end of service, he did ask us to come up. I did not give myself a chance to make excuses, I took myself right up there. I prayed for people. I did just fine. God MET me there just like he said he would.  :)   ( and it feels really good to pray for others!)

So..........back to my van story.

 In Dec I was introduced to another Chiropractor, that said he could me. I was desperate for this pain to be gone. My husband was not thrilled with more money towards a chiropractor, but I didn't know what else to do, so he agreed to it. This Chiropractor said I must come three times a week for at least six months to see change, and then you must come after that to "maintain" your spine and adjustments. Alot of time and money that I don't have. 
This morning I was writing in my journal and God was speaking on some other things, and he said, " I know you want to know about the Chiropractor".   So God said to me, 
" See how you trusted me at church yesterday and went up to pray and I came through for you? You need to learn to trust in other areas. You don't need the Chiropractor. I am the greatest Chiropractor, physician, I AM.  I am anything you NEED me to be.  ( remember now, I wear a necklace that says Jehovah Rapha, my healer)  He says, It's OK to go, but you don't need to. Put your foot forward to trust me."

SO..........I get done journaling and get my shoes on to go to my Chiropractor appointment. lol. Do you know where this is going yet?
I drive 30 seconds down the road, my van starts slipping and sliding and next thing you know, I'm in the ditch. 
I laugh. Ok, I'm not going to the Chiropractor. lol.  

I didn't get hurt, my van was not damaged, (yes, it's still in the ditch) But God spoke. He's gentle. Never harms or hurts us. I think he has a sense of humor, AND he knows sometimes I need more the a word to get something through my thick skull. lol.. 

He wants to show people that he still heals today. He wants to use me to show you that. So watch my blog for the day my pain is gone because I WILL be writing about it. :)  Maybe it will be today. Maybe not. But I am going to have faith that the healing will manifest itself, and HE will get ALL the glory. 

God's amazing. He amazes me over and over again friends. You really should get to know him. HE LOVES YOU.