About You

You are LOVED by God. There is nothing you can do, or can't do to make him love you more or less. He loves you because he loves you. Because you are His child.

More then your past
Worth it
A treasure
You matter.

Friday, November 25, 2011


I've been slacking on getting this up on my blog. I've been writing in my 1,000 gifts journal and have not had time to get it on my blog............I'll post a few.......

1. Jesus Christ. My savior
2. Waking up my kids in the morning and seeing them all snuggled together.
3. My beautiful daugther Autumn.
4. Ben coming up and giving me hugs and a kiss on my arm.
5. Henry, my dog, following me everywhere and sitting with me all day.
6. Gracie walking Brutus around on a leash.
7. Gods word to read.
8. Hot coffee.
9. Toast with Jelly.
10.Warm sunshine on my face.
11.Relaxing music.
12. Watching my kids out the kitchen window.
13. Texts from my son.
14. My husbands patience with me.
15. Beautiful trees and farmers field out my window.
16. Emails from my husband.
17. Frozen thin mint cookies.
18. My sister.
19. Sunshine.
20. My daddy.
21. How my son Jake helps clean the house.
22. Morning quiet time.
23. Happy dogs riding in cars.
24. Knowing people are praying for me.
25. Spending time alone with hubby.
26. Sisters that stay with our kids when we need to go to Mayo.
27. Comfy chairs at Starbucks.
28. Starbucks.
29. Showers.
30. Nice hotel rooms.
31. The Lords word saying, " I will bless you".
32. Gracie doing artwork.
33. Jake coming home from school.
34. Monday night bible study.
35. My girlfriends.
36. My church family.
37. Watching my kids play outside.
38. Friends visiting.
39. Precious words from Mary.
40. When my son Jake leaves for school and tells his brother, " Be good ok? and be nice to your sisters".
41. Kevin cleaning the house.
42. Kids on each side of me, snuggling on the couch.
43. Thoughtful people.
44. Hearing birds in the morning.
45. My family. Being able to spend time with them.
46. My dad, coming over to visit during the week. Everything he does. Who he is.
47. A warm house.
48. Left over stuffing.
49. Christmas trees.
50. Joy tea.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Grace Amazing-Jimmy Needham (w/ Matt Chandler & John PIper)

A friend shared this and I need to share it with all who read my blog. :) LOVE IT. God loves YOU so much, do you know that?? By GRACE ALONE we are saved. Thank you Jesus.

God cares.

I just have to share how God is so involved in the small stuff in our life.

I have had a continuous struggle with fear my entire life. I know I have written about fear several times, and told my story about losing my mom at 11 to cancer, and always fearing I would get it, and I did. I feared it to the detail of even how my mom wanted a house, and they bought a lot, and then built it, and then she ended up dying. When we were going to buy this house we live in now, I had fears, that maybe we shouldn't buy this "dream house" of mine because then surely I will get cancer.
Well I did.

I had coffee with a very spirit filled women last week and she brought a verse to my attention that I had previously made note of months ago and forgot.

 Job 3:25

For the thing I greatly feared has come upon me,

And what I dreaded has happened to me.

Some may take that verse differently, and verses sure can be taken out of context. But we all know that Satan hates us and wants us to fear, be sick and die.

Joyce Meyers had something on her status the other day, I think it was a few days after I had coffee with my friend and her status said this~

"When we allow fear to rule us, we unwittingly receive what Satan has planned for our lives instead of what God has planned."

Isn't that a bold statement? But to me it rings SO true. Satan steals my joy every single time I decide to listen to his lies and fear cancer coming back.

I was prayed over that day at lunch, and I was told to rebuke Satan every time that liar comes at me with the whispers about my future.
I put scriptures on little cards to read and pray when I feel fear. Fear is not of God.
One good one that I put on a card is ~

2 Timothy 1:7

For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.

So when I feel fear, I start praying, "Thank you God for giving me a sound mind, I will not fear!"

My friend said look of every scripture on fear and write them down. Study it. The more I use scripture the less Satan will use that fear against me.

This morning I took my kids to their homeschool class. After I got them all in their classes, I had about 10 min before my study started so I went in the book store.
I have to tell you how God shows how much he cares, even in our little worries.

The group I go to, I usually  don't know what the topic is going to be about unless I look it up online, I just show up and get surprised as to what they are going to talk about. 

So I went to the book store and bought this book ~

Then I go find my seat in our group and there is papers laying there on the table on what the speaker is talking about today.  Here's the paper.........

Facing our Giants, Identifying fear. I thought, how appropriate is that! I had to show the girls at my table the book I just purchased.  So I get to spend 2 hours listening to and discussing fear.  Awesome.

Then, I pick up my youngest from her class, she hands me her paper and her little project she made.

It's a stick with a red piece of yarn tied to it, and on one side it just says her name. Gracie. That's all I saw.
Then later, I flipped it over and guess what it says on the back? This is when my tears started flowing.......

God was speaking to me today, every step of the way this morning when I walked into church.
When I met with the friend over coffee, she gave me scripture about Jesus strips for our healing.
I've posted before about how my calender showed one day,
" I am the God who heals" on a day I was feeling worry.

How good is he? He knows what my anxiety is. He knows what Satan likes to make me fear about, and he's showing me, He's here. 

Right here with me. 

He's my healer. 

No need to fear.  

Is it like he's reading my mind? Yep. Because he is, he knows our thoughts.  He knows how to send comfort and peace when we  need it.
I love that about God. 

I feel thankful to have a relationship with God. There's no one that can know me or love me or comfort me like him.   :)

Praise be to my Jehovah-Shalom.